Wednesday, March 28, 2012

too little, too late

Shut the front door. Looks like we JUST missed her!!! Because clearly, if we had been there at the same time- we would have totally double-dated.

wednesday love

A more appropriate question might be- what am I NOT loving this week?

{hunger games}
Not surprisingly, I LOVED "The Hunger Games" last Thursday night. I LOVE midnight premieres and I LOVE girls' nights!

{spring foliage}
I'm loving my little hand-potted flowers. In fact, I'm loving any yardwork or any excuse to be outside right now. The weather has been so fantastic, that even weed-pulling has become a welcome chore lately. I know this nice weather will be gone all too soon, and before we know it, it'll be so hot you could fry an egg on the patio.

{egg hunt}
The Stricklands, Mr. M, and I made a quick trip south this past Sunday for my friend Katharine's annual Easter egg hunt. Obviously the kids loved it, but it was also a good chance for me to visit with Kat on her VERY short visit home from NYC. Of course, I didn't remember a camera, so I swiped a few from Candace. I loved getting to watch all of the kids have so much fun; I loved getting to catch up with Katharine (albeit briefly); I loved spending more time with my favorite "niece" and "nephew"; and I loved just another excuse to be outdoors.

I LOVED every part of celebrating one year of wedded bliss with Mr. M. Not only was he wonderfully sweet, but so many friends and family were also kind enough to send us good wishes and congratulations. March 26, 2011 will always be a date that I cherish- not only as the day I married my best friend, but also as a day when so many people that we love came together and helped make the event such a special memory for us.

Back to this year- my morning started off with a smile when I discovered on my way to work that Mr. M had tucked a very sweet and thoughtful card inside of my purse for me to find. The day also resulted in a beautiful flower arrangement and dinner at the restaurant where we ate the night we got engaged. My favorite part of the day, I must say, was coming home to have cake and champagne and to reminisce about our special day. I'll admit- I was a little skeptical about the cake, but it was just as delicious as it was a year ago!

Headed to dinner!

Package from outer space or our wedding cake topper? You decide.

A perfectly preserved flower that was still inside the cake box.

Thumbs up on the cake- even 1 year later!

Cheers to many more wonderful years together!

I am loving this image because it makes me laugh and reminds me of a certain guy I know.

Mr. M loves him some bacon.

I'm loving confirmation of something I have believed and hoped for all along.

Happy Wednesday pals!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

the best thing

March 26, 2011

I can't believe how fast the past year has flown! As I reflect back on that special day a year ago, I'm overcome with love, happiness, and gratitude. How lucky I am to have found my perfect partner- someone who makes everyday entertaining and helps me remember to not sweat the small stuff. Happy Anniversary to the best guy a girl could ask for! I'm looking forward to many more years of love and laughter!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

thankful thursday

Today I'm thankful that Mr. M and I only have


before our anniversary trip!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


~taste of summer~
I'm loving this pineapple coconut yogurt. It tastes like summertime in a cup- such a yummy snack!

~hunger hoopla~
I'm loving that tomorrow night is FINALLY the midnight premiere of Hunger Games. Girls' Night woohoo!

I don't usually read movie reviews, but I did stumble upon this article. Sounds good for all the HG fans!

~vampire vixen~
In addition, to seeing a sure-to-be-fabulous movie, the HG premiere will also bring the trailer for another obsession- Breaking Dawn Part 2.
Assuming you haven't seen the ridiculously short teaser (and assuming you care in the first place), you can check it out here. I'm loving that we finally get to see Vampire Bella in action!

I'm loving my new tray! I am hoping it will come in handy during the Cinco de Mayo party that Mr. M and I plan to host. Preliminary planning has begun!

~girl crush~
I'm loving Ms. McPhee. With every new episode of Smash, I find myself liking her more and more.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

top ten tuesday

So what that I'm a self-admitted bona-fide tv fanatic? There are just so many good shows out there right now, and I find the witty dialogue so refreshing after a long day of work.
So what that I can quote certain characters word for word but couldn't point out Zimbabwe on a map if my life depended on it? Zimbabwe isn't exactly on my Travel Bucket List, so I can live that.

And speaking of witty dialogue and memorable character quotes, here are ten the I love from the current season of some of my favorite shows:

She's just delivering her dose of daily hell a little earlier than usual.
Nolan, “Revenge”

I googled friendship on the internet. Apparently when you have a fight with a friend you're supposed to apologize.
Emily, “Revenge”

True loyalty takes years to build and only seconds to destroy
Emily, “Revenge”

Oh yeah, fun fact! Dallas has more churches per capita than anywhere on earth and Dallas has more strip clubs than anywhere on earth. Two plus two equals a double standard.
Amanda, Pilot Episode of “GCB”

If you were shooting diamonds out of your penis, I wouldn’t be having sex five times a week. And I like diamonds.
Bethenny, “Bethenny Ever After”

Wade: I told you you should fix that hole in your screen.
Zoe: Yeah, and you told me that you would fix it.
Wade : Maybe. But you should be nicer to me. 'Cause when all those nice churchgoing people get whooshed up to Heaven in the Rapture, gonna be just me and you left to repopulate the Earth.
“Hart of Dixie”

The English language lacks the requisite words to express just how much I dislike you.
Sue, “Glee”

Truth is, journal, I'm attracted to men. Sure, I can't stand watching them eat or talk, but when it comes to getting sexy, this gal's got a hole in her heart that only a fella can fill.
Sue, “Glee”

Schmidt: Where's your boyfriend?
CeCe: We're meeting up later because he has a little surprise for me.
Schmidt: Spoiler: it's his penis.
"New Girl"

Jess: It’s my first single Valentine’s Day in six years, and I need to go out, OK? We need to go out. ‘Cause I’m feeling pretty twirly.
Schmidt: “Twirly.” Is that like “horny”?
Jess: I’ve got the dirty twirls, Schmidty. Watch out, ‘cause you’re about to get laid, world.
“New Girl”

The funny (aka embarrassing) part about this list is that it doesn't even mention some of my favorite shows or favorite characters (ahem- Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl). These were just a few that I thought of off the top of my head.

What are some memorable quotes from your favorite shows?

Monday, March 19, 2012

miscellaneous monday

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this past Saturday. Mr. M and I decided to meet some friends for lunch at Papa Saia's in Helena. They were having a huge crawfish boil in honor of their grand opening. Even after we finished lunch, we continued to hang out on the patio near the tiki bar overlooking the dam. Crawfish boils are just one of many things that I love about the spring season, and my first taste this year did not disappoint. Beautiful weather, accoustic tunes, spicy crawfish, and cold beverages are always a winning recipe.

~st. patty's day~
We met up with another group of friends Saturday evening at Blackwell's Pub to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Without a doubt, the green beer was flowing and everyone had lots of Irish fun!

~spring cleaning~
We also spent some time this weekend doing some spring cleaning, packing away heavy winter clothes, and doing yard work. It was a very productive weekend at the Miller High Life Casa.

I don't think I ever posted any pictures of my craft from the last Craft Party at Candace's house. I mentioned it here, but never got around to posting pictures. Anyway, here's my craft the night of the Pinterest Party.

Not too impressive, huh? In a nutshell, I modge podged Easter eggs with old book pages(tutorial). I used an old Guinnness Book of Records from the early 80s- the older and yellower the pages, the better. I used this super-cool technique to allow my modge podged eggs to dry- that Martha is a genius.

My initial idea was too glue the modge podged eggs onto a moss-covered wreath. My goal was to create an Easter wreath with a vintage, Pottery Barn feel. I ultimately decided against doing the wreath because I already have a really pretty hydrangea spring/summer wreath. Actually, let's just be real- I got lazy and never finished the wreath. So this weekend, after all the spring cleaning was done, I pulled out my eggs and threw together this little centerpiece. It's definitely not my best Pinterest project but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The countdown has officially started.

In two (hopefully short) weeks from today, Mr. M and I will be on a plane bound for here:

To celebrate this:

For the past week or two, my spare time has been spent like this:

All the work will be worth it though. Soon enough, we'll be enjoying a glass of bubbly here:

With this view.

Can't wait to celebrate a wonderful first year of marriage in such a beautiful place!