Thursday, September 2, 2010

That time of year...

College Football officially begins again today, and Clint and I couldn't be more excited! While the Crimson Tide will forever hold our hearts, we genuinely enjoy watching ANY college team (especially from the SEC) take the field. Bama will make their debut this Saturday against San Jose St. in a newly renovated stadium (OVER 101,000 FANS!!), in new uniforms, and unfortunately without our shining star Ingram. As most UA fans would agree, we wish Mark a speedy recovery but are more than confident that Richardson and Lacy will make us proud in the interim!

In fact, football is just the beginning of why I love the next few months so much. Bring on the colorful leaves, crisp temperatures, holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas), more excuses to see friends, good food, etc. Summer may have flown by a little too quickly, but even that can't squash my excitement for fall! Here's to another fun and successful season! RTR!!!

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Candace said...

This post has me pumped for football and fall!!! I LOVE IT!