Monday, February 4, 2013

miscellaneous monday

Hola. Monday morning following the Super Bowl is pretty rough as is, but add a quick Mardi Gras trip into the equation...AND plug in several coworkers being out "sick"... and well, you've got yourself the perfect storm of a Monday. The only thing keeping me going (besides multiple cups of coffee):

Daydreaming that I can someday be THIS awesome.


Bey pretty much rocked it out last night, dontya agree? Having no emotional connection to either team, she was pretty much the highlight of my night. Oh, and THIS and THIS. If that first link didn't make you tear up just a little, I'm gonna need to check your pulse. I also thought that Miz Alicia Keys did a very moving National Anthem prior to the game. And those Sandy Hook kids? So sweet. Aside from that, I wasn't very invested in the game. On one hand I was pulling for some of my Bama boys on the Ravens' roster, but on the other hand I was pulling against the recently-over-killed Ray Lewis. Very internally conflicting. Anyway, I'm glad that thanks to the blackout, it turned out to at least be a very entertaining game.

Enough about the Super Bowl, here's a few miscellaeous pictures from our weekend in Mobile. So much fun!

Brother <3>

My 3 favorite guys


Mayfields throws ice cream sandwiches instead of beads. Clearly my favorite float.

Even Phil from Duck Dynasty was feeling the Mardi Gras spirit

These Mardi Gras virigins sure had a good time!

Me and Becky


A sure-fire way to get pelted with throws
Ball blurriness

Hope you all had a great weekend, Super Bowl, etc!


Trish said...

toooootally agree with you about beyonce! i love her and i loved her more last night!

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Trish @ Tales from ... 

The Sweet Life said...

Jealous of your fun little getaway!!! And I'm so sad that I missed that half time show...I couldn't have cared less about the two teams playing so I skipped it altogether. Happy Monday!