Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Fever!

Although we have been engaged a little over a month now, it seems like only yesterday that Clint was down on one knee. Unfortunately, no weddings details to update you on yet. We are still in search of a location and trying to pin down a date. There has only been one word to describe the past month- BUSY. But while I may be behind tremendously on the wedding planning, I am happy to say that life has been nothing short of chock full of good times lately. Work alone has had me all over the place recently- Troy, AL; Dallas, TX; Cleveland, MS; and soon-to-be New Orleans, LA. Being the avid Bama fans that we are, a lot of our free time has been spent absorbed in football (Woohoo- #2 in the AP Poll!). In addition to all the fall festivities, I also had to battle a nasty computer virus, which seriously set me back on the blog commitment. I'm glad to be back in business, and I'm looking forward to posting more in the coming days! Just a brief overview of what I've been up to (and thus my excuses for not getting more accomplished with our wedding preparations):

The Taylor Trio waiting for T-Swizzle to take the stage!

Ladies love Bama Football!

Jo Ann, one of my closest friends, invited me to go to the Wine Over Water festival in Chattanooga. Despite the rain, we had a great weekend visiting the spa and tasting excellent wines!

The roomie and I were feeling the spirit of fall and the excitement of football season!

Girls' Trip to Atlanta for the Kings of Leon concert for Sarah's b'day!


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