Wednesday, October 27, 2010

newest obsession

I have been listening to Taylor Swift's new album pretty much nonstop since I bought it on Monday. Not only do I love the melodies and sing-along nature of her songs, but I'm in awe of her writing ability. She single-handedly wrote EVERY track on this album (and there's 14!). Her lyrics are so relatable, and as a self-confessed celebrity gossip junky, it's fun for me to try and figure out who she wrote each song about. For instance:
  • "Back to December"- something tells me this is about Taylor Lautner
  • "Dear John" - most definitely about John Mayer
  • "Better than Revenge" - I'm guessing Camilla Belle
  • "Innocent" - written for Kanye West (duh- didn't you watch the VMAs?)
However, so far I think my favorite track is "Last Kiss". I'm not sure who this one is about, but I love it! I saw Taylor's Fearless tour last year and had a great time. Something tells me the Speak Now tour will also be in my future!


Calley said...

Sign me up for the next T-swizzle concert!!
Did you know Target sells a Taylor Swift CHRISTMAS CD??? It only has like 6 songs, but I bet it is marvelous.

Ashley said...

oooooh I want to get it!! and p.s. thank you for satisfying my beth blogger need. Much appreciated :)

Candace said...

Thanks for letting me borrow! I've enjoyed it thoroughly!

And I'm with Calley - sign me up for the concert!