Friday, April 15, 2011

back in time part 1

In an attempt to hit the hit points during my blogging hiatus, here's a very quick January rundown!

The new year started out full of fun by rining in 2011 at the Hats and Horns New Year's Gala.

Later in the month, we enjoyed a wonderful engagement/dinner party at Cottonwoods Lodge with some of our closest family and friends.

Additionally, Candace, Calley, and Sarah joined forces to throw us a wonderful couples shower! You can read about it HERE.

That pretty much sums up our main events in January. The rest of the month was filled with me working in Orlando, other good times with friends, and more wedding preparations.

Which brings me to the wedding recap portion of our programming...

As a result of frequent wedding blog browsing, I became a HUGE fan of custom and vintage cake toppers. I decided a year or two ago that I definitely wanted one for my wedding cake and knew that afterwards it would be a keepsake I would cherish for years to come. I searched countless sites and communicated with many sellers on Etsy. One day, I happened across Bthanari's shop and instantly fell in love. I worked with Brandi over the next month or so to create a cake topper that resembled Clint and I and mimicked my dress and veil. To say that I was please with the outcome would be a MAJOR understatement. I am so thrilled to have this beautiful cake topper as a memory of our special day and as a family conversation piece in the future.

These are the up-close shots taken by Brandi:

And here's the topper on the Big Day!


Calley said...

Best Wedding Cake Topper EVER!! I even snapped a few shots of it for myself. I love how detailed it was and how it looked like the two of you. Wonderful investment piece for years to come.

Ashley said...

omg that is awesome!! I didn't even notice it!!!! LOVE IT!

Candace said...

She did a wonderful job, and I couldn't imagine anything less for your big day!