Tuesday, December 18, 2012

fun in the sun

Do I realize it's December, merely days before Christmas? Yep. Am I really blogging about something that occurred over 4 months ago? Yep.

Mr. M and I joined a few friends for a beach get-away back in August, shortly before I started my new job (aka- the main culprit behind my blog disappearance). We stayed at Sarah's beach house and, as usual, had a blast soaking up the rays and spending quality time with a few of our favorite people in one of our favorite places. Here are a few iPhone pictures from that trip- 'scuse the quality:

Sarah's MOM is the best! Beach sweets!

Beignets for breakfast? Yes please!

obligatory toes-in-the-sand picture

Tacky Jack's

the fellas


the menfolk setting up our home for the day

ahhh beach sunset

waiting for the boat to pick us up

island lounging

pirate's cove

pirate's cove mascot? aka- the sandlot beast

Lots of relaxation and reflection by the bay

Aaaand...there may have been a crazy night or two at Florabama

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