Wednesday, December 26, 2012



Today I can only think of one thing I'm loving:

I try to keep perspective on how many things I have to be thankful for throughout the entire year, but there's nothing quite like the Christmas season to make you realize just how truly blessed you are. While it was certainly a whirlwind of travel across the state of Alabama, we had a wonderful Christmas with our loved ones. It all flew by so quickly, splitting time between my family and Mr. M's family, but we did manage to see a few friends as well. Of course the last few days were loaded with tons of delicious food, lots of laughs, more great memories, and an abundance of love. And with all the fun and chaos I barely took a single picture. Below are just a few that I found on my phone.
I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas celebration as well!

White Christmas - a new seasonal favorite

Mom's kitty Charlie

Mom's other kitty Jaxie

Christmas cookies!

Loved having this cutie swing by for a visit

Granny's tree

Mr. M's family tree with tons of childhood ornaments

Crab Pie- a Christmas appetizer tradition

more Christmas goodies