Monday, February 11, 2013

miscellaneous monday

The weekends sure fly by, huh? It's already time for Miscellaneous Monday again!

~school spirits (pun intended)~

A friend surprised me with this prize over the weekend. He knows I love wine and Alabama football- win/win.
I'd prefer Rolling Red...but who's complaining?


Babies are coming at me in ALL directions these days. I've been spending some free time addressing baby shower invitations...

Visiting new babies at the hospital....
Kate at Children's Hospital following heart surgery

Kate at HOME! Yay!

And it seems like every day, a different friend has news of an upcoming bundle of joy! Most recently, one of my high school best friends announced that she was expecting, my college friend discovered she was expecting a girl, and my sweet former coworker learned that she would be welcoming a precious little boy! And I know approximately 10 other people who either just had a baby or are still expecting. So exciting! So many new chubby cheeks to kiss and love!

~grammy wins~ 

The 55th Grammy's were last night, and there were some phenomenal performances!

I just loved seeing JT back on stage doing his thing.
Kelly Clarkson's voice blew me away.
Rihanna got a standing O in my living room.
And the "Take a Load Off " mashup was definitely a highlight.

Lots of good music! And now for some good fashion, too:

Rihanna looked ravishing in red. So firey hot!

Does Carrie EVER look bad?

I can't believe that I liked PANTS on the red carpet. Glam nonetheless!

J Lo needs to take note...THIS is how sexy is done!

So dapper!!!

grammy WTFs

Katy Perry's Boobs were in attendance. And I think Ellen's face sums up everyone's reaction.

J. Lo's Leg was also on the guest list. I wish Leg would tell J. Lo to stop it.  

Girl's got pipes. No denying that. But the dress lightshow? Lame. 

Have a great Monday everyone!


Jordon said...

I was a little confused why there were butterflies on her dress while she is singing this DARK song!

Katy {and Kahler} said...

i, too, know SO many people expecting! (my sister in law had hers this past weekend- LOVE my nephews!!) don't you LOVE all those cheeks to squeeze!? (also, what a precious picture of baby Kate- praise the Lord!)

Ashley said...

hahah I thought the lights are the dress were amazing LOL