Thursday, April 15, 2010

paper pretties

My friend, coworker, and fellow-blogger Ashley commented to me just today that I have yet to do a post on wedding invitations. The absence of an invitation post is surely not because I don't have strong opinions towards invitations. I feel about pretty invitations the way most girls feel about Brad Pitt. However, to most- my taste in invitations is a little bland. For the most part, I just love traditional, classic letterpress calligraphy. While I recognize that invitations are costly and are likely tossed in the trash after a short lifespan on someone's refridgerator, I do appreciate high-quality paper and calligraphy. These are some examples of what I like when it comes to invitations. I do like the rustic, yet elegant appeal that some of these tree/plant related invitations have, like the Basalm Calligraphy and the Walden Oak Tree. There's just some reliable, steady, and strong about an oak tree- and what better symbolism for a lasting marriage?

String Calligraphy

Classic Calligraphy


Sonoma Calligraphy

Bescal Calligraphy

Basalm Calligraphy

Modern Calligraphy

All of the above designs are creations of Bella Figura, an amazing letterpress invitation company.


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Ashley said...

I dont care for the first one...but the one with the trees branches or vines or whatever they are, coming out of the corners is SWEET!!! i all those a lot though!