Tuesday, June 29, 2010


What's been going on lately- in pictures:

Finished reading The Carrie Diaries. Very cute read for any of you fellow SATC lovers.

Someone came to show me her new wagon.

Calley and Brian's rehearsal dinner was held at the Vulcan. Beautiful view.

The newlyweds cutting the cake.

Clint and I before Calley and Brian's wedding.

Candace and I before Calley and Brian's wedding.

Another trip to DC for work/class. Saw this in one of the Smithsonian museums and immediately thought: ROLL TIDE. (Side note: we have a daily countdown to kickoff going on in this house).

Museum of Natural History in DC

One piece in the First Ladys' Gown exhibit. Michelle Obama's inaugural gown.

Julia Child's kitchen exhibit.

FBI agent outside the building where our class in DC was held. Bomb scare. Clearly since I'm still alive to post about it- false alarm.


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Ashley said...

I WILL drive an FBI police car one day...or at least have an FBI badge HAHA