Saturday, September 22, 2012


Whose been on the edge of their seats wondering if/when I'd return to blogland? < insert crickets chirping sound effect > ....

While I’m certain your lives haven’t been the same without my borderline stalkerish posts about Britney (have y’all seen her on X-Factor?!?) or my slightly obnoxious love for Alabama football, I doubt you all noticed my absence THAT much. I’ll catch you guys up later, but in a nutshell- around the time of my last post I was busy interviewing for a new job, accepting the new job, transitioning to the new job, and then getting settled into the new job. Busy times y’all. The good news is that despite all the craziness that comes along with taking a new position, I finally feel like a normal person who gets to go home every evening and not fly/drive off to some new city every Monday morning. Sure do miss my peoples from the old job though.

Anywho- like I said, I’ll be back with a little ditty to bring everyone up to date later, but for now, I’m giving the spotlight to my favorite fella. Having a whole month (Clintember) and an annual party (Clintapalooza) isn’t enough, so I’m dedicating my “comeback” post to the BIRTHDAY BOY!

Happy Birthday Clint! I hope your 28th year is the best yet! You’re the wittiest, kindest, and funnest person I know, and I’m lucky to call you my husband.

While Mr. M's actual birthday is today, we celebrated Clintapalooza with some of our closest friends last weekend during the Alabama/Arkansas game. I leave you with a random collection of the only pictures in existence from that debauchery…

Faces blurred to protect the innocent (and guilty)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, I wrote you on facebook. I have a favor to ask. Please email me back I am a fan of your look on your wedding day and had a couple of questions. I came across your veil while searching for some on the internet and had a quick question about it! Pleaseeeee facebook message me back or email me so I will have some contact info :/ This is the only way i knew to reach you. hahaah Sorry