Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Well apparently I can't be bothered to post more than once a week, so here it is: my quick weekly recap of what's been going on lately!

{happy hour}
Mr. M was out of town last week. I'll admit that now that he's back and I'm convinced I don't have any murdery readers out there on the interwebs. While I missed him, I'm loving that I got to meet up with friends after work and enjoy some fun Happy Hour dates! One HH date was with my little med school friend Mallory. This girl always keeps me laughing, especially when under the influence of tequila. Coincidentally, our HH date coincided with National Tequila Day. Talk about perfect timing!

My second HH date of the week was with two fabulous coworkers- Jane and Tam. Jane, who is too sweet, treated us to drinks and oysters at one of my favorite places- Highlands Bar & Grill. It was fun to catch up outside of work and chat about non-financial bank things. Actually, who am I kidding? We chat about non-financial stuff all the time regardless of where we are!

As I think I mentioned, Nicki Minaj was in town recently and of course yours truly was in attendance. Loved her and loved her show! I wasn't crazy about the venue, but it was a fabulous girls' night nonetheless!

The perfect accessories for a Nicki show: neon clothing, hot pink lips, big bright jewelry, and a best girlfriend!

Quite possibly my most favorite concert t-shirt ever!

Stephanie and Kim hosted a red, white, and blue themed party for the Olympics Opening Ceremony. While the ceremony lacked some excitement, the party certainly did not! Very fun night!

Look at all the festive decor! I loved all the signs and the popcorn Olympic torches!

Patriotic little guys!

Speaking of the Olympics, I downloaded this app during the last games and loved it. If you get bitten by the patriotic bug during Olympic season too but still have to work 8-5, check out the free Medal Alert app!

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Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Thank you for the heads up on the app. My son will love that!