Thursday, July 5, 2012

i'm {blank} because...

Thoughtful Thursday

Shout-out to Stephanie, who I totally stole this blog idea from!

I'm {weird} because...

  • I never eat my chicken biscuit together. I eat my chicken. And then the biscuit.

  • I get a little nervous whenever a sentence requires me to say the word “error”.

  • I don’t enjoy drinking water without ice cubes.

  • I sometimes shave my legs twice in the same day. Hate prickles!

  • I’d rather use a public toilet with the seat down that’s not freshly clean, than have to touch the freshly cleaned one with my hand because the seat is up.

  • I HAVE TO eat my M&M’s in color groups of even numbers.

  • I never under any circumstances walk around barefoot in a hotel room.

  • I only eat ice cream out of a coffee mug when I’m at home, never a bowl.

  • I’ll choose one restaurant over another based on Styrofoam cups.

  • I could survive on cheese sandwiches alone.

  • I really detest buying books with a movie adaptation as the cover art (saw this on Pinterest a while back- but SO true).

I'm {a guys’ girl} because…

  • I eat, sleep, and breathe college football September through January.

  • I can go beer for beer with the best of ‘em.

  • I have been known to put away a piece of red meat like it’s my job.

  • I love a good raunchy comedy movie.

  • I will belt out every lyric of "Family Tradition," "Friends in Low Places," "Country Boy Can Survive," and "Shoulda Been A Cowboy".

  • I have seen Young Guns, Tombstone, and ConAir just as many times as I’ve seen Pretty Woman or any other classic chick flick.

I'm a {girls' girl} because...

  • I operate under the age-old motto: “If you mess with my girlfriends, you mess with me.”

  • If you hate her, I hate her. Just in case you didn’t catch my first point.

  • I very rarely decline a girl’s night invitation. Okay, never.

  • I’ve got a listening ear open 24/7.

  • I can talk books, movies, celebrities, music, and beauty products for as many hours as the day is long.

  • I appreciate a good glass of wine, know the importance of routine pedicures, and admit that a hot bubble bath can cure almost anything.

  • I love Britney Spears and chocolate. No good girly girl does not.

I'm {happy} because...

  • It’s a holiday week! Woohoo Independence Day!

  • I bought a pair of cute work shoes for $5 the other day! FIVE DOLLARS PEOPLE!!!

  • I heard “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood on the radio this morning.

  • Summertime equals suntans, snow cones, and fresh produce!

I'm {blessed} because...

  • I’m surrounded in life by people who amaze me with their everyday acts of kindness and friendship.

  • I have such an awesome group of friends- all special in their own way and all responsible for so many of my fondest memories.

  • I have a husband who seems to know the perfect reaction for all situations: whether to make me laugh, let me cry it out, let me vent, or give me advice.

  • I married into the best set of in-laws anyone could ask for, whose love and support seem to have no end.

  • I have a mother who challenges me but loves me unconditionally; a brother who listens better than anyone I know and always has my back; and an angel in heaven who knows I’ll always be a daddy’s girl.

  • I serve a God of infinite love and forgiveness.


Katy said...

Love this post. You are too precious!!

Katy said...

Love this post. You are too precious!!

Amy Powell said...

oh, this is a fun idea! cute post :)

hope you had a great 4th!

{and I love the ice cream/mug thing. I used to do that & then stopped. I should start again!}

Calley said...

Loved this post and actually learned some new things about you....especially in the "weird" category!! But I won't judge you, friend. :) Speaking of being blessed, I'm so blessed to have a friend like you!!! I miss you girl!

The Sweet Life said...

Yah for the shout out and I love this post!!!! :)