Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Link up with Jamie!

{Magic Mike Midnight}
I'm loving our very fun girls' night last week! We had dinner/drinks at on tap and then headed to the midnight premiere of the movie. It's not going to win an Oscar anytime soon, and the ending kinda pissed me off, BUT any movie with Channing Tatum half naked a majority of the time ranks pretty high on my favorites list!

With the oppressive Alabama heat, I'm loving that we have a sno-cone stand less than 2 miles from our house. A large Tiger Blood, please sir!

{pretty polish}
Let's face it- I STINK at doing my own nails. I paint like a 2 year old, and even when I manage to do a semi-decent job, I usually mess it up within 10 minutes. Enter Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri. I usually buy nice polish like Essie or OPI or really cheap polish like NYC and Sinful Colors, but I finally tried this Insta-Dri line. It can't work miracles, so my painting skills are still lacking, but this stuff goes on smooth and sets FAST. I am loving the Petal Pusher color for my fingers and the top coat is also fabulous!

I'm loving these two lines of hair care products both made by Organix. I had some extra care bucks at CVS that were about to expire, so even though I didn't NEED any hair products, I decided to give these a shot. Fabulous idea- they both are so great I'm not sure which I prefer!

God Bless America Y'all! I'm loving having the day off!

Have a very safe and happy 4th of July!


JKT said...

I'm going to HAVE to try that nail polish. My painting usually sucks and then like you said it's messed up within the hour. I'll have to give this stuff a try :)

Ashley said...

So jealous you have a sno cone stand so close! I have been wanting one for like 2 months now and have yet to get one! Hoping I can get one soon :) And I CANNOT wait to see Magic Mike. Those guys and their bods will get any movie to the top of my list stat! Stopping by from WILW!

The Sweet Life said...

I hate that I bailed on the movie...blame the vodka that I packed FOR the movie! Anddd I love that organix brand!!!