Tuesday, January 29, 2013

christmas in the city: day four

Here it is folks- the final post on our December NYC trip. All of this re-living the fun has only made me want to go back. Who's with me??
Sadly, my picture taking dwindled as the days went on, so I have very few pictures from our last day. So here it goes, the final recap. 

Saturday, December 8

  • We woke up Saturday morning, got ready, and headed to Paradou for "drunk brunch". What is drunk brunch you might ask? Apparently this is the term for the ever-popular meal between breakfast and lunch in which various NYC restaurants serve you all the champagne cocktails you can drink as you eat. SO MUCH FUN! And the food was delicious. This was easily the guys' favorite part of the trip.


  • Since Saturday was our last full day in the city, we did not really make out an agenda for this day and decided to play it by ear. As we were leaving brunch, we noticed a cool little bar down the street called the Brass Monkey. Because there's a bar near our hometown with the same name, we decided we had to check it out. We had some fun conversation with a few locals in here and enjoyed our leisurely stay.
The Monkey

  • After spending the day out and about we headed to the hotel to freshen up. Then it was off to Eatlay. I could have wandered around this food hall forever. So many interesting places! We got a table at Birreria to enjoy some craft beers and a cheese plate. I loved the atmosphere here!

  • Finally it was off to our dinner reservation at Gramercy Tavern. This restaurant was gorgeous and the food was mouth-watering- the perfect way to end our trip! We somehow discovered that our server was originally from Alabama, and when she found out that we were too, she brought out her manager who was also an Alabama native. Before leaving for New York, he had worked at some of my favorite Birmingham restaurants- Highlands Bar & Grill and Hot & Hot Fish Club. Small world. The hometown connection made for a very fun meal! And as I said before, the food was out of this world good!
Yes, I'm the crazy person who takes a picture of the resaurant's front door. It was so beautiful!

The trip was truly a whirlwind of good food, good friends, and great memories! Sunday we headed back to Alabama thoroughly satisfied and thoroughly exhausted. I already can't wait to go back!

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Calley said...

I'm pretty certain that Mary's cousin's (the wendy's girl) husband works at Gramercy Tavern! I know that he used to work at Highlands for sure. What a small world if that is him! I'll have to ask her!!