Monday, January 14, 2013

miscellany monday

Happy Monday pretty people! I am not sure who actually reads this from time to time, but if your part of the country is anything like mine- I hope you are managing to stay dry. Enough with the torrential rain and dreary gloom!

Lucky for me, in addition to my normal Sunday night programming (Once Upon a Time, Revenge, and Good Wife), I also had the Golden Globe red carpet to enjoy from the comfort of my sofa and away from the nasty weather outside. Let's talk fashion, y'all. How about we start with the most fun- what I hated:

Get over yourself J-Lo. I'm certainly over your nude, see-through look. We get it- you're hot.
What the what?! Poor Sienna. This is just BAD.
I love you and your pregnant belly Kristen Bell, but I'm pretty sure there HAD to be a more flattering dress for you.
Love this color on Jessica and I like the dreamy, romantic concept of this dress. But in reality, it kinda just looks like she has saggy boobs. There's plenty of time for saggy boobs down the road; why try to achieve that look now?
This dress is as crazy and inappropriate as Halle is these days. Act your age.
Ummm, no Lucy. Just no.
Yellow is my favorite color. But somehow this frumpy satin mess makes it my least favorite color. Ever.  
Helen Bonham Carter is always a hot mess. I love seeing just how ridiculous she will look at each event.

And now, for the lovely ladies who did everything right last night:

I adore Jennifer.  She isn't afraid to bust out the mom jeans when spending the day with the kids, yet she's still a perfectionist at glamming it up on the red carpet.
Ann Hathaway- always stunning.
Only Kate could pull off this dress, and I love it. She's another hot mama!
Vavavoom! I kinda hate Jessica Alba. It's not fair that she's that gorgeous.
Isla looks so pretty in sparkles.
I've got the McPheever. Katherine looks SMASHing. Ya like what I did there?
Helen- true timeless beauty.
Hayden- representing Nashville well.
Love Amy's ballet pink dress. That mermaid silhoutte is gorgeous on her!
I'm biased because I'm 100% obsessed with Nicole, but I adore this ice blue color on her. So chic!
Loved seeing Emily in gold. Her hubby made a pretty nice accessory too.
Another Nashville standout. The hair, the sparkles, everything...
And finally- my favorite look of the evening. I love the sparkles and romantic skirt paired with the fiesty, spunky hair. Julianne is breathtaking!

Aaand back to real life....
Instead of walking the red carpet, I spent my weekend like this:

Mr. M's pick for movie night. Pleasantly surprised.
Candace hosted a "Roaring 20's, Rolling 30's" surprise party to celebrate Jonathan's 30th!

My favorite flappers

Such a fun party! Candace outdid herself!

And then Monday started off like this...

FINALLY! New tunes from the one and only JT!

All Golden Globe arrival images via Huffington Post.

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Enjoying the Epiphany said...

Hi! I found your super cute blog on the blog hop! I am your newest follower and was hopin' that you would pop on by my blog, hang out for a while, and maybe follow me back!


Jenny Strickland said...

I didn't get to watch last night but judging from your post I would have to agree with you, Julianne was best dressed!

I nomimated you for an award on my blog! Check it out and play along!

The Sweet Life said...

I missed the Grammys...thanks for the recap. I really only care about attire anyways. :). Julianne won it for me too!!! I'm slightly obsessed with her. By the way, safe haven...girls night! I think yes!