Thursday, April 5, 2012


Heeeeey party people! Why yes- I did decide to return from our glorious California vacation after all. Can't say that I was especially happy about it, though.

Today is my first day back to reality. Only one word to describe life at the moment: backlog. Work, work email, Gmail, LAUNDRY, housekeeping, grocery shopping, DVR, blogs, Twitter, etc- it's all gone neglected for about a week now. However, unplugging and unwinding was totally worth it! I wasn't diligent enough (or committed enough) to schedule a few posts BEFORE I left. And unfortunately my friends, you'll have to wait on a "real" post until I'm caught up on a few things. In short- our trip was positively wonderful! A recap is forthcoming, I promise. In the meantime, here's a few random phone snapshots:

Golden Gate self-portrait. Headed to wine country!

Our very first wine country tasting. We love the bubbles, y'all.

This cute little furball lived at one of my favorite wineries. What a life.

Because you just can't get enough of the bubbly. Or of this view.

Moonshine in the grocery store? We're not in Alabama anymore. Ironically, a bartender goaded Mr. M into trying a shot of this very stuff the night before we spotted it in the supermarket.

And because you gotta take a break from the wine some time, right? This is Mr. M's new favorite brew.

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The Sweet Life said...

Ahhh. I wnat to live in the world of wine tastings and beautiful scenery!