Wednesday, April 25, 2012

wednesday loving

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The popster in me is currently loving these fun tunes:
"Cockiness" by Rihanna
"Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber
"Wild Ones" by Flo Rida
"Eyes Open" by Taylor Swift


As you all know (and are probably sick of hearing), I'm loving the Shades trilogy. However, I'm not loving that I'm officially on the third and final book, meaning my relationship with Mr. Grey is quickly coming to an end. Thankfully, I have received many recommendations for "Divergent" and will have something to fill the void once I'm finished.

{celeb nuggets}

I love Melissa Joan Hart- partially because she's a diehard Bama fan, partially because I have watched her grow up on my tv screen (Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and now Melissa and Joey), but mostly because she just seems so down-to-earth. I am loving that last week she tweeted the picture above and said "Happy Early Birthday to Me, and Baby Makes Three!" to announce her pregnancy. So happy for her! I am also loving that I saw in the news that another of my favorite celebs, Anna Paquin is expecting her first child with husband Stephen Moyer. Seeing their names in the news reminded me that with summer approaching, the return of "True Blood" is just around the corner. I'm certainly loving that as well!

{sweets from my sweetie}

While I'm not loving the flare-up of my allergies, I am loving that my sweet husband brought home the treat above yesterday. I had been complaining about my sore, itchy throat, and he thought this would help. It definitely did help, and this was a new flavor for me. Loved it!


I'm loving this little funny that I saw this morning.

Have a great Wednesday!


Kathryn Neidhardt said...

I love Melissa Joan Hart too. I totally wanted to be Clarissa!

Sugarr2518 said...

I completely understand where your coming from on being a little sad when you finish a series. I was that way when I finished The Hunger Games! I will have to check out Divergent. How thoughtful of your hubby to bring home so ice cream for you:)

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!!!

Candace said...

Those songs are on my favorites list now too!

Definitely going to try the ice cream!

Holly said...

Yum! That ice cream looks amazing!
Dropping by from WILW. :)