Wednesday, April 11, 2012




I'm loving Rio Beach - my current favorite summer scent from Scentsy. I love coming home in the evenings to a wonderful-smelling home.


I'm loving my little hot air balloon ornament, a souvenir from wine country. I try to collect Christmas ornaments from my travels. In the collection, we have a cute wedding cake ornament (made from a seashell) that we got on our honeymoon to Jamaica. Now I'm so excited to see this one on our tree this year!



I'm loving the buffalo chicken tacos that I made for dinner last night. I've heard so many people talk about making variations of these, so on a whim yesterday I just googled it. I used this recipe and they turned out delicious!



I'm loving that all of my shows that have been on hiatus are finally back! Woohoo!

Have a great Wednesday!!!


Candace said...

That's the same recipe I used for our buffalo chicken tacos, and yes - they are good!

I am definitely loving the return of our shows! I hate we couldn't text during GG, so expect an A-Day convo on all things GG!

The Sweet Life said...

I adore that ornament!!!!