Monday, June 18, 2012

misc monday

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I had a nice visit to the Big D last week for work, which is surprising because I was there for a public speaking class. Translation- public speaking is basically vomit-inducing and hive-producing for me. Yeah, to say that I'm not a fan is a gross understatment. Much to my surprise, I actually really enjoyed the class and had some fun in the afternoons/evenings with my coworkers. I met a coworker from Salt Lake City who is also obsessed with Miz Spears and lives for Ben & Jerry's... perhaps he's a long lost soul mate? In true phone dump fashion, here are a few Happy Hour snapshots and whatnot from the week.

I found this in my wallet on Friday last week. I had completely forgoten that this little gem was tucked away in an unused pocket. One of Mr. M's senior portraits- is there any wonder why I fell for this studmuffin so many years ago? And how fitting that I stumbled across it just before we headed "home" for his 10 year reunion?

We had so much fun at Mr. M's 10 year reunion this weekend. The girls did such a great job decorating for the events, and they had a great turnout (for a class of 30 anyway). It was great to see some old faces, and I think the husby thoroughly enjoyed himself. Just a few photos from the weekend:

Have a good Monday!


The Sweet Life said...

I'm so jealous. I want to visit Dallas ASAP!!! And hope yall had fun at the reunion. I love that dress!!!

Holly Hollis said...

I love your blog & miss you big, friend!!! :)