Monday, June 11, 2012

tuesday tidbits

Hello blogosphere! Another work trip for yours truly- Dallas this week. Hope you all had a nice weekend and survived your respective Mondays. My intentions were to get back on track with my posting this week, since I've fallen out of my blog "schedule" recently. Clearly, I totally missed the boat yesterday... but today I'm back with a few random tidbits!


Last Thursday evening we bid farewell to some sweet friends. We were honored that they chose to spend their last night in Birmingham with us, and as always, we thoroughly enjoyed our outing with them. We had dinner and drinks at Moe's in Lakeview and then followed up dinner with dessert at Edgewood Creamery. Calley and Brian are such special people, and while we will miss them terribly during Brian's year-long dental residency, we wish them all the luck and happiness in South Carolina!

Avondale's Saison - yumyum.

Coconut ice cream- ahmazing!


Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers, and I've wanted some in my yard for quite some time. Lucky me- my mom granted this wish as part of my birthday present this year. So this weekend, Mr. M and I spent some time in the backyard and planted 6 hydrangeas along one portion of the backside of our house. I'm not exactly known for my green thumb, but I can't wait to see how they turn out. If anything goes wrong, I'm totally blaming the torrential downpours that have spanned Alabama over the past few days.

I love when Mr. M and I get to spend a whole day just the two of us. This past Saturday was one of those days, and we enjoyed every second of it. In addition to lunch and dinner out, we also caught a matinee- Snow White & the Huntsman. Surprisingly, we BOTH enjoyed it very much. Although, I have to admit that I was disappointed that: A) There was only one shirtless Huntsman scene, and B) Aside from one chaste little kiss, there was no hot and steamy Hemsworth make-out scene. Before calling it a day, Mr. M and I swung by Cajun Cleaver to browse the brew selection. You can actually purchase draft beer there to-go, so we went home with one of our favorite- Blue Pants.

We celebrated Clint's Granddaddy's 84th birthday this past Sunday. As a special treat since we were home, Clint's Granny decided to change the menu to a fish fry. There's nothing like a home fish fry at Clint's grandparents' house, and she knows how much we love it. We had fried fish filets with all the trimmings (baked beans, coleslaw, etc). And if that wasn't delicious enough, Granny also made one of my favorite dishes- broccoli bread!

And of course people- there was cake! As a fish farmer and fisherman, this was perfect for Granddaddy!

So what if I ate cake twice in the span of a few hours? Yeah, that's right- we had not one, but TWO parties to attend on Sunday. After Clint's Granddaddy's birthday lunch, we headed to an afternoon party to celebrate Thomas's first birthday! Thomas's mom went all out on the farmer decorations and the party was precious!

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