Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Link up with Jamie!

It's Wednesday, and these are a few current loves:

My sweet friend Calley gave me this candle recently. Not only is it made right here in Alabama, but it smells divine! I'm loving burning it every evening when I cozy up with a good book.

Speaking of home fragrances, y'all know I'm a loyal Scentsy customer. I just restocked my inventory. Rio Beach is always a summer favorite, but I'm loving the new scent Tingnanello.


I'm loving the endless supply of homegrown tomatoes coming at me from all directions this time of year. These are some from Granddaddy's garden and they always seem to be the best!



Last night Mr. M and I had dinner with 3 very dear friends at Hot & Hot Fish Club. This local restaurant has long been one of our favorites, but we have not been to eat there since Chef Chris Hastings won the James Beard Award or beat Bobby Flay at Iron Chef America. As always we had a WONDERFUL meal: gazpacho, tomato salad, fried okra, scallops, desserts, etc. The thing I'm loving most about our meal (besides the wonderful company) was the William's Old Fashioned signature summer cocktail. I'm not a huge fan of bourbon, but this was the smoothest bourbon drink I think I've ever tasted and the grilled peaches were an amazing combination.

Last but not least, I'm also loving that Chef Hastings came and spent a few minutes visiting with our table. He was so funny and humble about all of his success, and I loved the Alabama/LSU national championship jokes he made when discussing his Iron Chef victory over Bobby Flay (Chef Flay hails from cajun country).

Y'all know about my girl crush on Melissa Joan Hart. Well, I'm loving the news article I read this morning announcing that she will have a memoir coming out this fall. Another addition to my "must read" list!

Happy Hump Day!!!


Haley Barr said...

Visiting from Jamie's WILW. I love your blog! (new follower ;)) candle-mmm I love anything cotton smelling! The smell of clean puts me in my happy place! Scentsy-I am IN LOVE with some scentsy. I'm currently waiting on my new order to come in and I'm beyond excited. Currently burning sweet pea and vanilla:)

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Ryan said...

I'm crazy about homegrown tomatoes! Those look scrumptious! :)

agalandherdog said...

We've been growing our own tomatoes and they are so good!

I'm Cindi... said...

Oooohhh...I bet that Simply Strawberry smells good too. Ahhh...and the High Cotton candle. You've just inspired me to light something that smells good tonight. :)

Sarah said...

MMM cotton candles are to DIE for! Jealous!