Monday, March 12, 2012

miscellaneous monday

1. Weekend
Mr. M and I spent the weekend in our hometown, our first visit "home" since Christmas. It was a good weekend- we both really enjoy spending time with family. And since we both hail from essentially the same place, the added bonus on any trip home is that we usually get to catch up with some old friends.

2. The Funk

The good news is that I've made a 98% recovery (just a few lingering sniffles). The bad news is that Mr. M is now down-for-the-count. He went to the doctor today and got two shots. Poor thing!

3. Telly
Since practically all my shows are on hiatus until April, I'm even more thankful for these little gems in the meantime.

{Bethenny Ever After}

{Once Upon a Time}


I've also picked up the new show "GCB" on Sunday nights. As a fan of musicals and of "Glee", I'm pretty much an automatic Kristin Chenowith fan. While she is what initially attracted me to the show, the entire cast seems pretty funny. We're still in the "test-drive phase". I'll let you know after a few episodes if I'm sold.

And if those aren't enough, I've also got Season 2 of "Modern Family" on DVD to fill the void. TV addict? Yeah, maybe a little.

4. Bible Study
Remember the individual bible study that I mentioned that I was doing? Well, I'm in week 3 and loving every minute of it. I can't recommend it enough. I've still got a ways to go, but I'm already accepting recommendations for any others that you found especially good.

5. Spring
As always, it takes me a little while to adjust to the seasonal time change. It was a little difficult dragging myself out of bed this morning while it was still pitch-black outside, but I'm sure I will come to love having more daylight in the evenings. One thing is for sure- this warm weather has me longing for afternoon beers on the patio and spring flowers. I saw this on Pinterest and I think it says it all:


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Shell said...

Thoughts on GCB so far? I haven't watched it yet, but I plan to. Yesterday I saw something on TV about it being "offensive" and "non-Christian." Please tell me that's just people being hyper-sensitive, because I really want it to be good!