Monday, March 5, 2012

mucus monday

Title was too much, eh? My apologies. You see, after living in a world of crusty eyeballs and endless snot for the past few days, my sense of decency has escaped me.

I don't get sick. In fact, Mr. M and I always joke that we hope our Future Miller McBabies inherit my immune system, rather than his nonexistent one. As most of our friends can attest, Mr. M lives in a seemingly constant state of oncoming sinus infections. To say that he has bad allergies would be a gross understatement. And because his respiratory flare-ups are so frequent, I'm not always the picture of love and compassion. On the flip side, because me getting sick is so rare, when I do get sick....well, let's just say I take the phrase "big ole baby" to a whole new level. Bless Mr. M's heart. His weekend was mostly a vicious cycle of grabbing me more tissues (refer to post title) or having to repeat himself (my hearing has dwindled to that of a 70-year old ex-machinery worker) or listening to me snore (breathing can only be accomplished mouth-open) or witnessing one of my long hacking spells (similar to that of a 25 year chain-smoker) or warming me a bowl of soup (Ramen chicken flavored of course)...or well, you get the idea. My super cute weekend attire? Various college t-shirts, baggy pajama pants, and warm fuzzy socks. And on top of that, my new signature scent seems to have become the perfect blend of Ricola cough drops and Vick's Vapor Rub. Pretty sexy, huh? Mr. M has been a trooper, though.

So as unexciting as it is, here's my weekend in pictures:

The stash.

My view for the majority of the weekend

My fizzy lifesaver.

Vitamin C y'all.

This show can make you chuckle even at death's door. Candace let us borrow the first season a while back (thanks Can!). This weekend was the perfect excuse to run out and buy the second season.

He's the best.

Though not 100%, I'm actually feeling much better today. I promise my next post will have nothing to do with bodily fluids or anything slimey.

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Shell said...

Hope you're feeling better. LOVE the "I love you because" frame. I'm stealing this idea.