Tuesday, March 6, 2012

truthful tuesday

Twenty truthful (and completely random) facts about yours truly:

  1. I don't check my facebook on a daily basis...it's more like every few days or every other day. On the days that I do check it, I usually send birthday wishes to whoever celebrates a birthday that day. I secretly worry that someone has noticed a "Happy Birthday" from me on someone else's wall and then wondered why I didn't send them one. These messages are completely sporadic and based solely on whose has a birthday on the day I happen to log on. Even though I'm probably the only person who even notices this, my irrational fear of unintentionally hurting someone's feelings makes me worry about this from time to time.

  2. Even though I have quite a few OCD tendancies, I think the worst is my need to have my shampoo on the left and my conditioner on the right. Most of you know that I travel frequently for work. I always pack my own hair products (none of that hotel-provided junk for this unruly head of hair), and whenever I place these items in the shower, the shampoo has to go on the left side of the conditioner. And when I come home from a work trip and unpack, same thing- shampoo left, conditioner right. I think maybe it stems from reading a book left to right...you start with shampoo before conditioner so I have this weird need to always have it in this order. Plus when I'm half asleep in the mornings, it helps to KNOW that my shampoo is on the left and not have to actually open my eyes and read which bottle is which.

  3. I'm left-handed for writing and eating. And while I've been known to swtich it up a bit, I mostly golf, throw, and bat with my right hand.

  4. I broke my right arm in a trampoline accident the summer that I turned 7. I broke my nose in a golf cart accident the summer I turned 26.

  5. I love to try (and usually enjoy) almost any type of food. But I don't like hashbrowns or blue sweet tarts.

  6. Mr. M and I have the perfect Olive Garden salad relationship. He takes the crutons and olives; I take the tomatoes, onions, and peppers.

  7. I keep the clock in my car 10 minutes fast. Always.

  8. The last thing I usually do before I turn out the lights is make my last move of the day on Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends.

  9. Hotel bed coverlets rank somewhere in the "Top Five Scariest Things of My Life". Speaking of that, I have an entire routine when entering a hotel room for the first time. But maybe I'll just save that for a future post...

  10. I have THICK hair. I could seriously probably create toupees for the bald heads of three grown men with the amount of hair I shed in a week's time. My shedding, consequently, also happens to be one of Mr. M's LEAST favorite things about me.

  11. I may have been a finance major and I may be a self-proclaimed control-freak when it comes to most things, but I don't think I've ever actually balanced my checkbook in my life. I do, however, check my online banking at least daily.

  12. He's been gone over six years now, but I still think of my Daddy on a daily basis. Alabama football, bear hugs, John Wayne westerns, early morning coffee, the History Channel, and flannel shirts all remind me of him. A couple of weeks ago, I actually watched McLintock! on tv with Mr. M, and I just know that had to make Daddy smile down from above.

  13. I have been known to select a restaurant based on its use of styrofoam cups. Or on the availability of fountain Diet Mountain Dew. It's hard to find, y'all.

  14. I've never had a speeding ticket. Nor have I ever even been pulled over. KNOCK ON WOOD. I'll probably cry like a 16 year old when I finally do.

  15. Even though people rarely send snail mail anymore (except during wedding or Christmas seasons), I still LOVE checking the mailbox every day.

  16. I never learned to dive. Or roller skate. And I may be the only person alive who hates water slides.

  17. But I can still do an unspotted back-bend and put both feet behind my head.

  18. I may be a girly-girl now, but two of my fondest childhood memories are: hauling dirt with my little brother in our dumptrucks and re-enacting our favorite scenes from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  19. In my opinion, Christmastime will always be magical and birthdays will always be special. No matter how old we get.

  20. Shopping is one of my favorite activities when I don't need anything specific and can do it at leisure. Shopping is one of my least favorite activities when I do need something specific and am on a deadline.

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Candace said...

More reasons we are friends. We share 1, 2 (J makes me shower mad when we travel), 3 (vice versa), 8, 13, 14, 15, 16 (dive for me), 19, 20.