Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wednesday love

A more appropriate question might be- what am I NOT loving this week?

{hunger games}
Not surprisingly, I LOVED "The Hunger Games" last Thursday night. I LOVE midnight premieres and I LOVE girls' nights!

{spring foliage}
I'm loving my little hand-potted flowers. In fact, I'm loving any yardwork or any excuse to be outside right now. The weather has been so fantastic, that even weed-pulling has become a welcome chore lately. I know this nice weather will be gone all too soon, and before we know it, it'll be so hot you could fry an egg on the patio.

{egg hunt}
The Stricklands, Mr. M, and I made a quick trip south this past Sunday for my friend Katharine's annual Easter egg hunt. Obviously the kids loved it, but it was also a good chance for me to visit with Kat on her VERY short visit home from NYC. Of course, I didn't remember a camera, so I swiped a few from Candace. I loved getting to watch all of the kids have so much fun; I loved getting to catch up with Katharine (albeit briefly); I loved spending more time with my favorite "niece" and "nephew"; and I loved just another excuse to be outdoors.

I LOVED every part of celebrating one year of wedded bliss with Mr. M. Not only was he wonderfully sweet, but so many friends and family were also kind enough to send us good wishes and congratulations. March 26, 2011 will always be a date that I cherish- not only as the day I married my best friend, but also as a day when so many people that we love came together and helped make the event such a special memory for us.

Back to this year- my morning started off with a smile when I discovered on my way to work that Mr. M had tucked a very sweet and thoughtful card inside of my purse for me to find. The day also resulted in a beautiful flower arrangement and dinner at the restaurant where we ate the night we got engaged. My favorite part of the day, I must say, was coming home to have cake and champagne and to reminisce about our special day. I'll admit- I was a little skeptical about the cake, but it was just as delicious as it was a year ago!

Headed to dinner!

Package from outer space or our wedding cake topper? You decide.

A perfectly preserved flower that was still inside the cake box.

Thumbs up on the cake- even 1 year later!

Cheers to many more wonderful years together!

I am loving this image because it makes me laugh and reminds me of a certain guy I know.

Mr. M loves him some bacon.

I'm loving confirmation of something I have believed and hoped for all along.

Happy Wednesday pals!!!

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