Wednesday, March 21, 2012


~taste of summer~
I'm loving this pineapple coconut yogurt. It tastes like summertime in a cup- such a yummy snack!

~hunger hoopla~
I'm loving that tomorrow night is FINALLY the midnight premiere of Hunger Games. Girls' Night woohoo!

I don't usually read movie reviews, but I did stumble upon this article. Sounds good for all the HG fans!

~vampire vixen~
In addition, to seeing a sure-to-be-fabulous movie, the HG premiere will also bring the trailer for another obsession- Breaking Dawn Part 2.
Assuming you haven't seen the ridiculously short teaser (and assuming you care in the first place), you can check it out here. I'm loving that we finally get to see Vampire Bella in action!

I'm loving my new tray! I am hoping it will come in handy during the Cinco de Mayo party that Mr. M and I plan to host. Preliminary planning has begun!

~girl crush~
I'm loving Ms. McPhee. With every new episode of Smash, I find myself liking her more and more.


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Candace said...

Love your tray!

Can't wait for HG or the BD trailer!! LOVE!