Monday, May 21, 2012

a little more DC

Thought it was about time that I finally posted a few more photos from my trip to DC. It is truly one of the prettiest cities, particularly throughout spring and early summer. My iPhone photos in no way do its beauty and history justice, but here goes anyway-

Of course, my coworker Kate and I made sure to visit the National Mall, the Smithsonians, and all the monuments. Here's just a couple from those areas:

I think I have mentioned before that I'm a bank examiner by day. Below is the US Treasury building- aka my humble employer.

Oh heeeey Mr. Bossman.

As many times as I've been to DC, I've never taken the time to visit Arlington. I was so happy to finally do this- such a moving experience.

Kate talked me into trying Indian food for the first time and found a delicious Indian restaurant in Arlington. I would highly recommend Tandoori Nights! Of course, I had to try an Indian beer.

For our appetizer, we had Aloo Chat Papri, which tasted like a blend of chickpeas, pita chips, and marmalade. It was also accompanied by several dipping sauces. My description doesn't sound that appetizing, but trust me- so good!

For dinner, Kate and I split an assortment of plain and garlic naan (a very flat bread) and I had the Chicken Tikki Masala over rice for my entree. It was so tasty and fragrant!

One evening, Kate and I squeezed in manis and pedis. I loved my Pandemonium Pink polish!

That night for dinner we found this awesome place called Fresh Gourmet. This place serves up delicious food in what is basically a gas station. Sounds sketchy huh? I thought so too, but it is consistently voted on of DC's best places to eat. It was here I discovered Mr. M's dream come true-

We also had some fabulous Cuban sandwiches and sweet potato fries!

In brief, I think that sums up DC. Thanks again Kate for being such a great exploring partner! Can't wait to hang out again in Dallas next month!

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I'm Cindi... said...

Love that pink polish, Beth! And the sandwich and sweet potato fries is making me hungry. That looks sooo good! Glad you had such a great time!