Sunday, May 20, 2012

miscellany monday

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We kicked off the weekend Thursday evening by attending the Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean concert. Thanks to my sweet in-laws for the awesome tickets- it was a great show and a great time with family!

My MIL and I sat beside Lauren Alaina's mom, had margaritas, and watched the soundchecks before the show.

A few family photos before the show!

If any of you listen to JOX Sports Radio- we met a local celebrity before the show. Here's a pic of Clint talking football with the one and only Pelham Gator. Despite being a little obnoxious, he seemed like a nice guy.

Between dancing our butts off and my phone dying, I didn't get a ton of photos.

{two} I finally rented the new Footloose! It was a pretty cute movie...but I have to say, Miles Teller was my favorite part. He plays Ren's best friend Willard and while his acting is pretty atrocious, I still thought he was adorable!

It was truly a family affair this weekend- my mom and stepdad also came to visit. We hung out all day Saturday and did a little shopping. Some of you probably know that I'm not much of a BBQ fan, but since my mom and husband love it- I obliged and agreed to try out Brother Zeke's. I was really impressed! Not only is the BBQ good, but they have a decent brew selection and WONDERFUL sides (namely fried green tomatoes!).


Mr. M wanted to see a matinee Sunday. My first choice was "What to Expect" (which I mentioned on the blog that I wanted to see when I first saw the preview forever ago), but his first choice was "Dark Shadows". Being the great wife that I am (and hoping that maybe one of my girlfriends will want to go see "What to Expect"- hint, hint), I let Mr. M have his pick. The movie was a little silly, but overall, I enjoyed it and it was a fun Sunday afternoon date.

Have a great Monday!


Candace said...

I'm ALL yours for What to Expect!

Happy Monday!

Mallory said...

I am also totally down for expecting. No pun intended?