Tuesday, May 8, 2012

top ten tuesday

Last night was what fashion lovers like to call- The Oscar Night of Fashion. Yes folks, the 2012 Met Gala brought out all the fashion elite for yet another year. Here are my top 10 looks of the night:

Diana Argon

Emma Stone

January Jones

Debra Messing


Julianne Hough

Tom and Gisele. Is there a more beautiful couple?

Emma Roberts

Ashley Greene

Amy Adams

And my favorite color trend of the evening: TANGERINE! These are only 3 of the lovely ladies that wore this gorgeous orange hue; there were SEVERAL others!

Kristen Bell

Katharine McPhee

Ginnifer Goodwin

All images via US Magazine


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Yay, someone to talk fashion with! I know that Gwyneth was out on a limb and The Internet did not like her dress, but I liked it! I also think that Ashley Greene is gorgeous and I am also loving tangerine right now.

Thank you for your comments over at Team Skelley! It is very nice to meet you Beth--newest follower! :D

The Lindsey Family said...

Hi... stopping by via Kelly's Korner.

LOVE the Met Gala!