Wednesday, May 30, 2012

quick phone dump

What's up y'all? I hope everyone had a very happy and long Memorial Day weekend! We unplugged, relaxed, and spent a some time at "home" with family and friends. Mr. M played a little golf, we logged some pool time, and we grilled out EVERY day. It seems like I completely forget about technology when I'm at home (love the country life), so I literally took less than 10 photos all weekend. Oh well- here's a very brief look at what we have been up to lately. Hopefully I'll make time for a real post soon. Until then-

Happy Summer!

Jack's breakfast is a tradition when we head to the hometown. So delish! And I'm digging the neon cups!

All done with "Insurgent" and I loved it! Can't wait for Book 3! Until it comes out, I've got a list a mile long of things to read next.

Weekend nails - fun sparkles!

Got some snuggles with this little lovebug!

Pool fun!

You know it has been a successful holiday weekend when you come home 100% burnt out on grilling out and just want- SUSHI!