Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tuesday tidbits

1. I've been a blog slacker recently. But I've been busy, crazy busy.

2. I'm on my sixth state in just a week's time. I started out in Alabama on Monday last week, flew into Maryland, cabbed it to DC (okay, so not really a state I guess) and spent the week there for work, visited Virginia while I was in DC, flew back to Maryland, changed planes then flew to New York for a long weekend (Friday-Monday), flew back to Maryland yesterday, changed planes and flew home to Alabama, and finally this morning I drove to Mississippi for work. My laundry hamper looks like it is having babies, my house still has Cinco de Mayo fiesta flowers all over the place, and while I'm using one suitcase in Mississippi this week, I still have two non-unpacked ones sitting on my bedroom floor in Birmingham. I'm tired and behind on basically everything (work, laundry, house-cleaning, random errands, blog reading and posting, DVR, social media, etc). BUT it has been a fun week or so.

3. There's a lot to be said about a high-travel job (most of those things being grumbly, not-so-nice things). But it is nice when work travel takes you to places like DC, San Antonio, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Orlando, etc. And I especially love it when work travel also allows you to easily tack on a spontaneous trip to your favorite city to visit a friend (aka- my impromptu trip to NYC this weekend).

4. Several things are coming on the blog when I get a little time to post: the Cinco de Mayo party recap, the rest of the DC trip, and the NYC trip. And considering I'm behind on so many things PLUS I have various tv season finales every night this week...it may be later rather than sooner. But eventually, I will definitely get around to it. To be continued folks!

5. Does anyone know what the colored spouts on the standard office water-cooler dispensers mean?? I'm sitting beside one...and while I've used various water coolers countless times over the years, I've never actually known what the difference in the blue spout versus the white spout is. I always use the blue one for some reason, though.

6. During all my airport time recently, I've managed to get a little more than half-way through "Divergent". Love it! Add it to your reading list- it's GREAT!

7. Did y'all see the official Britney X-Factor announcement yesterday? Sooooo excited! Since "the breakdown", the instances of Britney on live tv are few and far between. I think she will be a great judge, and I certainly can't get enough of Miz Spears on my tv screen. Sadly, she arrived in NYC the day I left to make her big announcement. Ugh. Another missed opportunity... someday people, someday.

8. Happy belated Mother's Day to all the wonderul mommas and mommas-to-be out there!!!

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Kathryn said...

I always thought the spout on the right was cold and left was hot, whatever color they may be... Our office has ones with no tank and buttons though, so I haven't seen one with the spouts in a while.

Isn't Divergent good? I need to read it again.