Wednesday, May 2, 2012

wednesday love

Link up with Jamie!

I'm loving all the celebrity baby bump style! I particularly love Reese Witherspoon's maternity style, but then again, she could probably make a potato sack look good! And check out Kourtney rocking the neon pieces with her maternity mini- love it!

All above images via US Magazine

Is Zaxbys trying to send me into a diabetic coma?? In no way am I loving what these things can do for the waistline, but as a special treat- I am loving the limited time brownie batter milkshakes!

I'm loving the scarf I picked up from Target about a month ago. Marked down to about six bucks, I considered it a steal!

Also a steal at Target, I'm loving my mint green polish by Sinful Colors.

I've been catching up on some DVR'ed episodes of Smash this week (LOVE that show), and I'm loving Katharine McPhee's version of "Run" by Snow Patrol. Soooo pretty!
Bummer that it's not on iTunes, but you can listen here.

Last but not least, I'm loving that May is here and it's almost Cinco de Mayo! Who else needs a margarita?


Kathryn Neidhardt said...

Brownie batter milkshake? Yum! And those look like some super cute shoes with your mint green toes!

I'm Cindi... said...

Hi Beth! It's so great to meet you! Thanks for following my blog!! I'm following you too. :) LOVE that nail polish. I just bought some this past weekend close to that color but haven't taken the time to paint with it yet. I hope it looks as great on my toes as it does on yours. :)

Jenny said...

New follower via Kelly's Korner! LOVE that nail polish!

Faith said...

Dropping by from Kelly's Blog to say, "Hey" from one Alabamian to another! I LOVE that nail polish! :)

mary kathryn @ mathews family happenings said...

hi! I found you via Kelley's Korner- I'm an AL gal too. I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me aware of brownie batter shakes. Why did I not know these existed? Also, that scarf from Target is fab. Nice to 'meet' you!

Arielle said...

I love that scarf! New follower:) over from the link up!!

Elenie Counts said...

Hey girl, I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I am from Birmingham also :) I love meeting all these other Alabama bloggers! Y'all have a great weekend!

Tiffany Mendenhall said...

Super cute scarf! And you've GOT to be kidding me about that brownie batter milkshake! Holy cow.

Lauren Borquez said...

Yay another Alabama blogger! Glad we are all linking up :) I look forward to following you, feel free to do the same!

Allyson said...

Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. I am another B'ham girl! Cute blog.

Ashley Taylor said...

Hi! Just stopping by from Kelly's Korner... Yep soooo late, I know! We are also in Alabama. I love the scarf and I'm loving the shoes even more!!