Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Link up with Jamie!



I'm loving "Revenge"! Who am I kidding- I've been loving this series ALL.SEASON.LONG. But it is real good now, y'all. I love all the characters (Daniel- yum), but my favorite is Nolan. He's so funny, and I love that Emily (slash the REAL Amanda Clark) has a partner in all of this.

I hate being away from home and always miss Mr. M when I'm gone, but I'm loving being in DC this week. I seriously adore this city. There's SO MUCH to do, and it's such a gorgeous place this time of year. Luckily, it's not ALL work while I'm here. I've managed to get out and about a little, and so far I'm thoroughly enjoying my visit.


I'm loving falafels! I'm pretty well-rounded when it comes to food (or so I like to think), but I had never tried a falafel until my coworker suggested we grab some for dinner. Enter Amsterdam Falafel Shop. YUM- totally recommend this for a cheap and delicious meal when in the DC area!



I have a bit of an obsession with Melissa Joan Hart (as I've mentioned). I'm loving that I saw on Twitter that the premiere of "Melissa and Joey" is May 30. It's such a cute and wholesome show. Countdown is on!

Let me apologize for the obscene amount of tv talk in this post (and on my blog in general), but I can't help but include the "Castle" finale in my WILW post. I'm LOVING that rain-soaked final scene. So hot.

Happy Happy Wednesday!


I'm Cindi... said...

Ahhhh...I love DC too! No matter how many times I go, it never gets old. So glad you've had a great time!

Melissa Jo said...

Hey girl! I'm following over from Kelly's friend post... I love REVENGE! I can't get enough... so good!

Meg {henninglove} said...

D.C. is definitely a great city!! so many things to do and see there for sure. and falafels love them too!