Tuesday, February 7, 2012

happy hearts

Perhaps it's because Valentine's Day is a mere week away, or perhaps it's because I'm traveling and miss Mr. M, or perhaps it's just the barrage of candy hearts, red roses, and other heart-shaped goodies on display in every store you walk into... but regardless the reason, I'm feeling quite lovey dovey. Therefore, in honor of the upcoming "Holiday of Love", I wanted to highlight some of my favorite pink, red, sweet, and romantic things.

First up, meet my most favorite article of clothing.

If it were socially acceptable to go out in public in this thing, I totally would. Anyone who has been on an overnight trip with me or has been at my home while I was getting ready knows that I practically live in my towel wrap from the time I get out of the shower until the time I walk out the door. Prior to Christmas I was still using my ratty wrap that dated back to my college years. Yeah, pretty yuck huh? Well, thanks to my sweet brother, I now have this brand spanking new little ditty to lounge around the house in. What does this have to do with Valentine's Day? Two things- 1) It's the most perfect color combo of red and pink, and 2) It's also a wonderful gift idea for a special girl in your life.

The next two things really have nothing to do with Valentine's Day, but they are things that spark romantic and happy memories.

The first thing, picture above, is a framed invitation from our wedding. I think the creamy white frame has a very bridal look, and I'm so happy to finally have this hung in our home. Every time I pass by, I'm reminded of such a happy day.

Below, also from our wedding and on display in our dining room, is my rehearsal dinner bouquet. All of my bridesmaids contributed a brooch, and my maid of honor assembled them into a bouquet for me to use at the rehearsal dinner. Not only does this special item remind me of our wedding in general, but each pin makes me think of a special girl in my life. It's definitely a cherished possession.

Nothing sets the mood like a romantic scent. This is "Satin Sheets," my favorite fragrance from the Scentsy Romantic line.

I can't get enough pajamas, especially PINK pajamas. I have so many Victoria's Secret PJ's, but the VS Sleepover Pajamas are by far my favorite. Sooo soft and such a fun shade of pink.

Nothing says love like a classic fairy tale. Actually, come to think of it, most of the Grimm fairy tales are anything but romantic...but nonetheless I wanted to share this little gem with you. It all started with my addiction to ABC's new show "Once Upon a Time". Mr. M refuses to watch the show with me, but after a few conversations it became apparent that he knew way more than me about the Grimm tales (I guess most of my fairytale knowledge was limited to the Disney versions). I picked up this book at the recommendation of a friend, and I am thoroughly enjoying studying up on some of the classic tales and some of the not-so-well-known tales. Plus the illustrations in the book are amazing!

Last, but certainly not least, another thing I love about Valentine's Day is the abundance of sweet treats. I made these Strawberry Valentine Oreos this past Sunday as a treat for Mr. M and his coworkers. So yummy!

HaPpY eArLy VaLeNtInE's dAy DoLLs!!!

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