Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!!!

Hope you lovelies had a nice long President's Day weekend! Here's a few snapshots from some of our weekend happenings:

We enjoyed some yummy Publix king cake.

It's no Sucre, but it was all I could get last minute and turned out pretty tasty nonetheless. Speaking of Sucre, look at this deliciousness-

How gorgeous are these king cakes? All of Sucre's creations are amazing, but of course, the king cake is among the most well-known. One of my many favorite things about NOLA.

Back to the weekend, my MIL and FIL came to town to see us. Mr. M and I always enjoy having them come visit. We had lots of fun, but I did manage to talk my FIL into a few projects.

Mr. M and FIL hard at work.

The mirror above the mantle- FINALLY.

These are some black and white photos taken of my hometown (most of them were gifts from a best friend after I moved away).

Now they finally have a home on a wall in our kitchen.

After the in-laws left, we spent some time playing with these rugrats-

As normal, I caught up on several things on our DVR during some weekend downtime. Among them, Smash! I'm 100% hooked on this show now (just what I need- ANOTHER Monday night obligation). I love Katherine McPhee and I love love Debra Messing.

Mr. M and I were discussing that pesky Disney vault this weekend. Long story short- while no baby plans are in the near future, we thought it would be fun to start collecting a few of our Disney favorites. Cuz ya know, if you don't get 'em while they're hot, they get banished away to that illusive vault, unheard of again until the Disney Suits see fit to release them. So without further adieu, meet the future Miller McBaby's first Disney movie:

The Lion King

Happy Fat Tuesday!


Shell said...

Publix king cake is pretty yummy. Probably the best we can get in Tuscaloosa. And I LOVE the mirror!

Anonymous said...

i may love the mirror...but i love love love the idea of future miller mcbaby! yayyyy lion king!