Thursday, February 9, 2012

movie review

Yes, I realize that this isn't an opening week review and I'm a little late to the party. But indulge me anyway, please.

Despite extreme doubts, my old roomie and I hit up one of the local theaters last week to see if "One for the Money" could even remotely live up to the book. Neither one of us was especially excited about the casting choices, particularly Katherine Heigel in the starring role. But ater reading all eleventy gazillion of the Stephanie Plum books, we figured we owed it to Janet Evanovich to at least give the movie a fair shot. Plus it was a good excuse to do a little girl talk and stuff our face with that sinfully good popcorn that only the movie theater can perfect. While definitely not in the running for my list of top movies, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised. Katherine Heigel did a resprectful portrayal of the fabulous and hilarious Stephanie Plum. Even some of the other characters that did not "fit" what I imagined from the books had grown on me by the end of the movie. Stephanie and Morelli had good on-screen chemistry and an adequate amount of sexual tension - success. Ranger was almost as BA as what he is on the page - success. Lula's antics onscreen made me laugh out loud just as they do when I'm reading - success. Overall, the movie did a very good job capturing the first book, and I do hope they continue to bring the rest of the series to life on the big screen. If you can't catch this one before it leaves theaters, definitely add it to your redbox list!

Now I'm eagerly awaiting the following releases:

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Candace said...

I wanna see One for the Money, but I'm fairly confident that it will hit RedBox before I get to do so. As for The Vow and Hunger Games - I BETTER see those in theater. I'm thinking a midnight premiere might be in order for Hunger Games!