Monday, February 6, 2012

miscellaneous monday

Anyone out there suffering from a nasty little Super Bowl hangover? Remind me again why the Monday after isn't a national holiday? Oh well- such is life. Since I wasn't emotionally invested in the game or really even interested for that matter, I'm at a loss for post-game thoughts. Madonna was without a doubt my highlight of the entire spectacle. Actually, who am I kidding- the 30 second glimpse of Nicki Minaj was my whole reason for tuning in. Yeah haters I know, Madge lip-synched the crap outta that performance...and in all reality, they probably could have just played her greatest hits cd if she wasn't interested in doing any actual singing. BUT I dug it nonetheless. Judge me if you want. Anyway, hope you all were happy with the outcome of the game and aren't too worse for wear this morning.

I'm on the road for work this morning- another day, another town, another dollar. 'Tis my motto indeed. While I'm burning up the mean streets and sipping my liquid crack (aka- Dunkin coffee), I'll leave you with a few miscellaneous shots from the weekend:

Friday night, Mr. M and I spent the evening with our extended family for some game night hilarity.

We played Taboo and Mad Gab, some long-time faves, and I also picked up Quelf for us to try. Whether we were listening to someone give a spur-of-the-moment eulogy for beloved pet Scooter or trying to think of all the possible hand gestures that have well-recognized meanings- this stuff was HEE-LA-REE-US!!! Seriously, even the most skeptical person would love this game. Can't wait to play again!

Completely random, but wanted to share Mr. Elephant. He lives in our bedroom on Mr. M's chest of drawers. I love him.

Did a little crafting this weekend. I've been wanting to make one of the jute-wrapped letters (tutorial) for quite some time now. The local JoAnn's is notoriously always out of the big paper mache letter "M", but I was finally able to snag one the other day. Much gratitude to Candace for giving me a hand with the fabric rosettes when my patience was wearing thin. :) Finished product:

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Candace said...

Precious elephant. Fabulous craft! Enjoyed my Miller weekend last weekend too!