Tuesday, February 28, 2012

phone dump randomness

Last week work took me to the charming little town of Oxford, MS. I'm not going to be applying for a Mississippi Ambassador of Tourism position anytime soon, but I did enjoy my brief stay here. The downtown square was so quaint and pretty. I wish I had taken more pictures, but it was rainy most of the time. This is the courthouse in the center of town- beautiful.

Last weekend, Mr. M and I finally paid a visit to the newly opened Tin Roof. We had a good time with some friends we hadn't seen in a while. Very fun atmosphere and great live music. And may I personally recommended the Sunny Quesadilla? So yum!

Stationery is such a great gift right? I know I love receiving it! Look at my new note cards and address labels.

As I mentioned, the girlfriends and I enjoyed a fun outing this past Sunday. We had an early dinner and drinks at Cocina Superior. Lesson learned: ALWAYS order the El Chango to drink and the Chocolate Banana Empanada for dessert. Seriously- so good. After dinner, we headed off to the BJCC to see Wicked! I laughed, I got goosebumps, I noticed myself occasionally singing along, and I sometimes felt a huge adrenaline rush when someone hit a particularly difficult note or the lights flashed wildly. It was so good, and after reading the book so many years ago, I was thrilled to finally see it come to life on stage. Sadly, these are the only two pictures I have from the evening-

Waiting for the show to begin.

A sweet little lady attempted to take this ridiculously bad photo of us with my phone. Thankfully, Candace had a real camera in her purse and will have a much better group shot of all the girls.

After all the Wicked fun, I'm considering adding this to my already super long list of books to read-

Anyone know if it's good? Apparently there are four books total in the "Wicked" series, with this being the second.

This week work has me in Houston for a few days. Here's the view from my window.

And just because I'm random, here's my mustard yellow hotel door. I'm basically obsessed with it.

And finally, I did some thinking about this post. I must have been overly cracked out on coffee yesterday. Emma Stone is officially going into my best dressed category. I mean, how could I have ever doubted her?

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Mallory said...

i didn't love son of a witch, but i do have it if you would like to borrow! (also have out of oz)